Newport Hub

The center of all things Newport, RI.

Photo by Stephen Fasano, 2021

for Residents and Visitors

What’s happening downtown today? Who’s got a great sale going on? Can I park here? Newport Hub is your new home on the Island. From Thames Street to Tiverton, Broadway to the Beaches, it’s all here.


for Business Leaders

Do you own or manage a Newport County business? Connect with other local business leaders. Network, trade ideas, join an ad coop, coordinate events. 
our members-only group is your place to talk business with leaders like yourself.


We’re making this for you

Helping Residents and Visitors navigate our town, or helping Businesses thrive, we’re here to serve.
Tell us what you want from us and we’ll work to make it happen.

Who’s behind all this?

I’m David – a local business owner who loves Newport. Built this so we can help each other out and support this great place. Let’s work together and make the best experience for all of us.