8: Karyn Chabot of Sacred Stone School (S1E8)

Karyn Chabot is a healer, teacher, astrologer, serial entrepreneur and friend.

Holding numerous degrees and certifications, with multiple publications under her belt, Karyn blends the practical and the mystical in her own unique way. We talk about her origins, how ayurveda saved her life, why astrology has helped her move forward and why some people are wired to opt for the hard life of business and not the easy path of having a job.

While the metaphysical way of thinking isn’t for everyone, this was a great conversation and, even with me playing the skeptic in a few places, we had a great time. This episode went longer than usual but Karyn is always so interesting I thought I’d let it unfold as it did. I’m happy with the result – let me know if you like these longer shows or if the 20-30 minute format is a better fit.

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