Local advertising that actually works!

I am going to show you how to…

    • put your offer in front of over 10,000 local homes
    • have nearly 100% “open rate”
    • for less than less than .03c per person


Meet the

Big Mailer

– local advertising that WORKS.

Woman holding Big Mailer

Would you spend these >

to get this response >

Man impressed with mailer

Now that’s smart marketing.


When does the Mailer Go Out

About every 6 weeks (8 per year). We find that 6 weeks is about right to give people time to take advantage of the offers on the card and it’s a good time frame to help build brand recognition for you by keeping you in the customer’s mind.

What if 6 weeks is too much/often for me?

We can add you to our “every other issue” plan so your ad would go out about every 3 months. All multi-mailing packages apply, just the scheduling changes.

Is there a monthly commitment or contract

No. While we strongly suggest multiple mailing for building brand recognition, there are no minimums or commitments.
That being said, we do offer multi-mailing discounts to  get you an ever better pricing. Businesses who do multiple mailings get improved better results because repetitive advertising works, but the final decision is yours.

Why is there different pricing for restaurants?

Restaurant offers have a special place in postal advertising. They help the cards “stick” longer in a home because people want that 2for1 pizza deal, but maybe not right away, so they hang onto the cards longer.

That means your ad stays in front of the customer longer.

Because restaurant offers make everyone else’s ad more “sticky”, they get a discount and you get more brand awareness.

Do I need to provide the artwork

Only if you want to. If you have a Designer who handles all that for you, we’ll give you the specs to work with*. Otherwise, we will build your ad for you and can incorporate your existing logo and an image.

*Keep in mind that print layout is somewhat different than digital. We can work with your designer on the specifics (e.g. DPI, bleeds).
Will my competition be on the card?

If you want to guarantee that you will be the only dentist/oil company/landscaper on a mailing, we offer a $75/mailer “Exclusivity upgrade”*. Let us know if that’s important to you.

*Does not apply to restaurant coupons.
What's up with the QR code?

We add a QR code to each mailer with all the ads in one place.
Some people like to do everything on their phones and scanning the QR code will send all the offers to their phone or email, wich they can present instead of the actual mailer.
This means additional opportunities for customers to take you up on your offer or save your info for later.
Don’t worry, if you have an offer with an expiration date, that will also apply to any digital metods.